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Effective from: 21 December 2023


Stroop's content is handwritten and it is never our intention to plagiarise other sources. However, as recipes are often based on standard procedures and ingredient compositions, unintentional similarities could exist. If a recipe is adapted from or significantly inspired by another source's content, due credit will be clearly provided.

All content produced by Stroop and posted on the Stroop website and social media (e.g. photographs, videos, recipes, etc.) belong to Stroop and are not to be copied without written consent. Once permission is granted, due credit must be provided as detailed in said written consent.

If you have any concerns or questions about copyright, contact us at

Responsibility over risk of use

Stroop strives for the highest level of accuracy in its recipes and takes your (the user's) safety very seriously. All recipes are researched thoroughly and great care is taken during testing. However, mistakes can be made. The user is responsible for checking recipes, advice, etc. posted on the Stroop website and social media related to Stroop and is to use them at their own risk. Stroop is in no way responsible for the consequences the user takes on by accepting this risk.

If you come across a mistake or any other issues, please contact us at

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